I have been both employed and self employed throughout my working life.  I have run a theatre company and worked in media.  I offer the following services:

Accounts Set Up 
Set up a simple system so you can run your own accounts.

Accounts Services

Social Media Set Up
Set up or overview the SM accounts you have already so you can do you own marketing.

Social Media Cards
Formatted to Twitter, Instagram, Insta stories, Facebook, etc.

Putting on a Theatre Production Checklist

Evaluate your website for look, tone and proofread.

I also offer VA services

I have worked with Jacqueline both in an office and creative environment. She is always professional and cares greatly about the results. An excellent wordsmith, she writes with understanding and humour to create impact. I would always trust her to get the job done well. Strengths are communication, perception and self awareness.

Jewels Carter

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